🀩UwUFUFU Prime

aka UwUFUFU Premium aka membership

UwUFUFU like many other services offers subscription based plans to gain access to premium features and functions on the platform.

UwUFUFU Subscription Plans

There are 4 total plans, 3 paid plans users can subscribe to monthly to enjoy extra benefits and perks.

Initially the plans were made targeting enterprise customers as many businesses use the quizzes as amazing content marketing campaigns. But due to feedback from our users, we added a plan for individual users.

Basic Plan

Everyone who signs up is automatically on the basic plan. It is free!! and allows anyone to:

  • create an unlimited number of quizzes

  • no traffic restrictions to their quizzes

  • all their quizzes gain access to the basic customization such as color scheme, button shape and animations, fonts, etc

Plus Plan

Originally not one of the plans offered, Plus Plan was quickly added via patch due to user demand!

For just $5 per month, users get all the Basic Plan features +

  • Show play count of your quizzes

  • Access to the NSFW

  • (Reminder: Anyone on Basic Plan can still CREATE NSFW quizzes and access their quizzes, but to see the full NSFW category, you need to upgrade to at least Plus Plan)

Advanced Plan

A great plan for startups or freelance marketers, users gain further customization options such as

  • Removing the UwUFUFU watermark on the quizzes

  • Embedding their Instagram Links

  • Embedding their Website links

These features further empowers marketers to make the quizzes their β€˜own’ and part of their brands marketing campaigns seemlessly

Premium Plan

The mother of all plans, best for bigger companies and marketing teams. Users get all access and perks!

  • Customize the quiz URL

  • Adding CTA buttons

  • Analytics (coming soon)

New Benefits Coming Soon

This is just the beginning!

As we roll out new quizzes and features, paid subscribers will continue to get access to these amazing perks. These could include discounts, better loot rate and quality when the reward system is launched and more!

New Ways to Obtain Plans

Not only new features, but we will be integrating Web 3.0 ways to obtain these plans. Currently users pay in fiat via paypal, but we will be adding other payment methods and actions that allows users to automatically gain paid user status, so stay tuned!!

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