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Ideal Type World Cup

Create an "Ideal Type World Cup"

Simply click the "Create Quiz" button in the navigation bar to start creating a quiz.
Choose 'World Cup' quiz type. When we add new quiz types, you can choose them from here.


This is the front page of your quiz. When users click to play the quiz, they will see this page first.
The preview on the right hand side will show the changes in real time that you make.
Input the Title of the quiz and the description.
You can add a cover image, but it is not mandatory. If you do not add a cover image, we will automatically use the top 2 ranked choices.
If you want to show how many people played your quiz, turn 'Show Play Count' on.
You can customize the start button text, or you can keep it as it is.
Then click 'Choices' button or on the tab at the top to go to the next section.


First choose if your choices will be images or videos.

Upload Images

For Images, you can bulk upload by dragging and dropping all the files you want to add in the box.
You can also click inside and select from the file explorer.
After an image is uploaded, you will be able to see it in the list below.
You can edit the image by clicking the edit button, or you can delete it.
You can edit the following:
  • Change Image title
  • Change Image
  • Crop Image
  • Reposition for thumbnail
  • Input credit/source
We highly recommend you add a citation of the source if you do not own the image.
All changes will be reflected in real time to the preview on the right.

Add Videos

For Videos, you must input the Youtube URL as seen below.
It is optional to include a Video Start and End time (in Seconds) but you MUST include a title of the video.
Click the "Add" button to add the video and repeat to add more videos.


Now the final step before your quiz is ready.
Select the Language your quiz is meant for.
Publish Status
  • Unlisted - where only people with the link can play
  • Public - anyone can play
  • Private - Add a password and only people with the password can play
If you want to customize the link of your quiz, you can turn 'Customized Link' on.
Choose a maximum of 3 categories your quiz pertains to. Please do not select categories that don't matter as it will only cause more confusion
If it is a NSFW quiz, you must select the NSFW tag, or this quiz will be deleted
You can also choose to disclose the creator of the quiz or stay anonymous. But staying anonymous will prevent you from receiving rewards in the future when the Reward System is launched.
Now a few options.
Show result image preview - When users share the quiz result with their friends, the thumbnail image will be of their winning choice instead of the cover image.
Enable comments - You can turn this on and off and won't lose previous comments.
Social Media
You can choose which social media the quiz can be shared to.
You can also customize the Twitter hashtags.
This is where the social media icons you have selected will show.
Finally, you can customize your quiz by adding a CTA (Call-To-Action) button. You can edit the button text as well.
You can add your Instagram URL.
If you want to embed the quiz in your website, you can copy and paste the code above.
When you are all ready, click 'Publish'.
Even if you don't click publish all changes are automatically saved and you can see them in your created quiz list.