Getting Started

UwUFUFU allows anyone to create, play and share fun interactive quizzes.


Anyone can play quizzes without signing up, however to users will have limited access to our services. By signing up with an email and connecting a wallet, users will be able to enjoy the full capabilities that UwUFUFU offers.
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As there are tens of thousands of quizzes created on UwUFUFU, we have organized them into categories that the quiz creators select when creating the quizzes. Currently we have 12 main categories (excluding Trending and New) and we expect to add more as users create more.
The 12 categories are (in no particular order);
K-Pop - All things Korean Pop ranging from boy groups to girl groups, now expanded to K-content overall such as dramas (Squid Game!!) and movies.
LOL - aka Laugh Out Loud or humor, but unintentionally also League of Legends related content.
Streamer - Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTubers, now TikToker, all things content creators.
Food - Self explanatory. We love FOOD!!
Anime - Not only Japanese Anime/Manga, but all things animation from Pixar to cartoons.
Sports - Anything sports related, from the major sports such as Football (soccer), Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, to the Olympics, WWE, Frisbee, Quidditch, anything!
Gaming - PC, console, mobile, VR, AR, metaverse, crypto, all types of gaming welcome.
Entertainment - A broad category that includes anything Movie, Music, TV, comics, cartoons, dance, social media, internet broadcast, anything entertaining.
Crypto - Layer 1, Layer 2 to Alt coins, meme coins, shitcoins, NFTs, games, regulations, people, communities, DAOs, everything crypto.
Music - From the musical genres to the people involved, instruments, communities, everything
Movies - Action, thrillers, Rom Coms, comedies, Sci-Fi, indie, Bollywood, everything and anything movie related.
NSFW - aka Not Safe For Work, ahem... just keep it clean.

Quiz Types

Ideal Type World Cup

UwUFUFU started with the 'Ideal Type World Cup' style quiz. It is basically a simple elimination tournament-style quiz where users choose between 2 choices for each bracket. The winning choice advances to the next round until only 2 final choices remain, and a winner is chosen.
This is a popular quiz type that has been around for years, but recently has been popular again thanks to content creators such as YouTubers and Twitch Streamers playing funny quizzes. K-Pop artists and celebrities have also enjoyed playing these with their fans and it is a great quiz to share with friends and communities.

How to Play

  • It is very easy, simply choose a quiz you want to play and press the "PLAY" Button.
  • Then you choose how many rounds you want to play. This is derived from how many choices are in the choice pool.
Using the drop down menu, choose how many rounds you want to play.
  • Then, you simply just click the choices and thats it!


Every time someone plays the quiz, their results are tabulated into the overall rankings.
You can see the rankings "All Time" which is the ranking of all plays ever since the quiz was created. Or you can choose a specific month you want to see by clicking "Select Date".
Championship Rate - Total 1st place finishes / Total number of plays of this quiz
Win Rate - Total Wins (being picked) / Total 1 vs 1 Matches.


Anyone can write and reply to comments. You can input a custom nickname, or be Anonymous. If you are logged in, your profile picture and nickname will show, but you can edit this to a custom nickname, or be anonymous. You can reply to other comments, and like-wise you can customized your nickname that shows.
Please help us keep it a safe and fun environment by Reporting abusive and inappropriate comments by clicking the "Report" button.

More quiz types coming!

We are developing more popular quiz types. From MBTI personality types, to balance game and many more. Please feel free to suggest a cool new quiz type you would want to see.