🎢Guess the Song

Guess the Song was successfully launched and already over 20,000 playlists have been made.

What is Guess the Song?

Firstly, what is Guess the Song? It has many names, Music Game, Kim Hee Chul Game (made famous by Kim Hee Chul on the Korean TV Show Knowing Brothers). It is basically where you listen to 1 second of a song and you have to guess what song it is.

You can see how it is played in the video above with subtitles.

From favorite Movie OST, to anime songs, KPOP songs. Test your knowledge alone or together with your friends.

How to create a Guess the Song Playlist

Anyone can create a playlist. A playlist is a collection of songs that you want people to guess.

First, click on β€˜Create Quiz’ button on the main navigation bar.

Select Guess the Song

Input name of the playlist, and a cover image.

Then input the youtube URL of the song.

We suggest you get the audio version of the song as Music Video version may have a non instrumental introduction making it harder for people to guess.

Then click add

You can edit the title and artist.

The users are guessing the Title so be sure to edit it to just the song name > Hello.

Then press ADD

You can edit or delete any video you have added.

Finally select the language, category and if you want to disclose creator, and click Publish.

Playing Guess the Song

Input β€˜Start’ time of the song. The default and recommended is 0 as that will start the song at the beginning.

Then click Start. You will hear a 3 second count down and the song will play.


After you hear the song, you can input your answer.

You only get one chance. If you want to hear again, you can listen again 2 more times and you can edit the start time of the song.

When you input your answer and click Enter, it will show the answer and if you were correct or not.

You can go to the next song by clicking next.

And thats it!

You can try from all the various playlists users have made and see how much you know!

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