⚖️Balance Game

Balance Game type was successfully launched and already enjoyed by tens of thousands of users.

Since then we actually have also added two major updates to Balance Game. But before that, lets dive into what exactly is this quiz type which has taken the world by storm.

What is Balance Game?

Firstly, what is Balance Game? It has many names, some call it this or that, or showdown, but it is basically choosing between two opposite, and in most cases, impossible situations.

From questions like, ‘do you prefer the winter vs summer?’ to more extreme questions like ‘would you eat poo flavored curry vs eat curry flavored poo?’

It is these extreme funny situational questions that people enjoy.

They cover lots of categories, or we call them ‘Tags

Let’s take a look how to create these Balance Game Questions

How to create a Balance Game question

Creating a Balance Game question is easy like all quizzes on UwUFUFU.

First, click the ‘Create Quiz’ button on the main navigation bar.

Select Balance Game.

Or, you can also click the ‘Create your own question’ on the Balance Game Start Page.

Input a situation description if needed, remember this IS NOT required but if it helps explain the question, please do so.

For example: If choice A = Winter, choice B = Summer it would help if situation description said ‘Which do you prefer?’ As some may see the choices and select the one they don’t like instead of the one they like.

Then you can input Choice A and B. For the choices you can just add text, or just a picture, or both. The extra description below is also optional, but if it helps explain the choices, it could be useful.

We remind you that any duplicate questions may be deleted without notice.

Then select which language the quiz is for.

Add a Tag. This is quite important as it helps categorize your question.

Please flag if it is NSFW.

Finally you choose if you want to disclose the creator of the question, and then hit ‘Publish’ and that’s it!

Playing Balance Game — Quick Mode

Playing is easier than creating.

There are 2 play modes, Quick Play and Challenge Mode.

Quick Play is the standard play mode.

Once in Quick Play, you can start right away, or you can set your tags so you don’t answer all the questions. You can always play Playlists below instead.

Remember to use the social share buttons to share these quizzes with your friends. The more the merrier!

In Tag Settings, they are basically which category you want to play.

Each category have their own fun aspects. You can choose multiple Tags, or just one.

Once you start, you just simply choose the answer you want.

You can skip questions with the buttons below.

You can create and add the question to a playlist anytime, and again we recommend you share these fun questions with your friends.

Once you answer, you see your choice, and also what other people chose.

This is a fun way to see what other people think too.

And then go to the next question and so on.

Find out more about Challenge Mode in our next update.

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