Filters are AR effects you see people use on Tik Tok and Instagram.

We create World Cup or Bracket filters based on the quizzes on UwUFUFU site.

You can see some of our filters at the top of the home page, click see more to see the full list.

Request Filter

Anyone can request for a filter to be made. There are 2 ways you can request, but you must already have a world cup quiz made.

Click 'Request Filter'

Input the URL of the UwUFUFU World Cup quiz you want the filter to be based on 1 filter is 5,000 FUFU points or $50. If you have a monthly subscription to UwU Prime, you get a 30% discount.

You need to have sufficient FUFU points balance, our payment currency on UwUFUFU. Click here to see how you can get FUFU points

  1. Request directly on the quiz detail page If you created the quiz, you can go to the detail page and click 'request instagram/Tik Tok filter' button

Then you will go through the same process as before.

Disclaimer: We cannot put all choices in the filter, minimum 16 choices, maximum 36 choices.

Your quiz may be rejected due to Instagram or Tik Tok policy on nudity, violence and advertising related content.

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