Live quizzes has been launched! What are they? They are multiplayer versions of the World Cup quizzes you can play in realtime with other people.
There are two game modes, but we have launched Prediction Mode first!

Prediction Mode

Prediction Mode is a Live quiz where a 'Host' creates a room. The host can put their Twitch or Youtube Live stream video so that it plays while the users play the quizzes. The players must guess which choice the Host will choose before they choose. If they guess successfully, they gain points, and the user with the most points at the end wins! It's just a simple game mode that people an enjoy together.

Creating a Live Quiz

Go to the World Cup quiz that you want to play Live.
Click on the 'Live' tab
Click on 'Create Live Quiz'
Currently you can only create Prediction Mode.
Pick how many rounds you want to play and also put the link to your live stream. You can input Twitch or Youtube URLs
If you submit a working link, you should see your stream in the video area above
Then click 'I want to Host and play'
As the Host, when you enter you need to press Play to start. You can hide and unhide your stream video above by pressing the arrow
You now just play as you normally would, but give some time for the players to guess what choice you will make.
And that's it, as a host just play. It is perfect for streamers to play with their viewers.