FUFU Points

FUFU points is the payment currency used on UwUFUFU for all paid services.
You can buy FUFU points many ways.
First, you must be logged in
Click on the FUFU icon at the top of the main navigation bar (next to the language).
Here you will go to the page to buy FUFU points.
There are multiple packages you can buy.
$1 = 100 FUFU.
Click one of the package amounts, or input your own custom amount at the bottom.
You get more FUFU if you subscribe monthly. By subscribing, you also get premium feature access and discounts.
Once you select the amount you want, you pay via paypal and you receive the FUFU points.
You can use the FUFU points to request filter.
Stay tuned as we will continue to release more paid features you can use FUFU points for.