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July 11, 2023 Update

Social Login & YouTube Video issue fix
In this patch we had 2 updates:
  • Added social login via Google & Apple
  • Changes to Youtube video player

Social Login

Users can now log in via Google or Apple.
If you already have an existing account you need to log out and log back in as you may not be able to see your created quizzes

Youtube video player

Background: After implementing GDPR and CCPA cookie policy, a lot of users were facing issue where youtube videos were not playing unless you accepted all the cookies. For some people, even if you accepted cookies it would not play.
Therefore we had to change the way YouTube videos play on our site. Now it should play despite cookie policy, however the side effect of this change is that the video now will not auto play/stop and unmute with mouseover. You will have to click play/pause and unmute each time.
It is an inconvenience however our only way around this, unless everyone accepts the cookie policy. Only 2% of users are not accepting the policy, but the problem is even if you do not do any action, videos will not play.
If anyone has any suggestions regarding this, please tell us on our discord